Whilst washing ornaments in the bathroom sink our customer dropped a very heavy solid glass paperweight into the sink and cracked the porcelain, needless to say, it leaked badly making this pedestal sink virtually unusable. We used some clear silicone to effect a temporary repair so at least you could use it without getting wet feet while we sourced a replacement.

Being a particularly small bathroom we were pretty limited as to what we could replace it with, however, with a bit of digging managed to source a brand new sink complete with a pedestal that was just about the same size as the old one. We fitted it swiftly, utilising the existing pipework, taps, fittings & waste etc. (to keep the cost as low as possible) then finished it off with a nice neat bead of silicone across the back and sides.

After double-checking for any leaks we were in and out in around half a day, the whole job came to £120 including materials which we think is pretty reasonable… Most plumbers would charge almost that much to walk through your front door!