As the weather cools down mice and other rodents are looking for warm cosy houses to spend the winter in.
If like us you have a cat, then this usually does not present too much of an issue but… If they spend too long under your floorboards, in your loft or behind your kitchen units then they can cause some real damage.

The picture in this post is a real-life example we came across this week whilst fault finding in a customers kitchen, needless to say, we replaced this cable, filled and covered the mouse entry hole with a steel mesh to prevent a repeat performance, but most importantly our customer’s washing machine was back up and running quickly and cheaply (just £40, much less than calling out your average electrician)

For some unknown reason, Mice absolutely love PVC which seems fine, each to their own and all that but… Guess what all your household electrical cables are insulated with!

Talk to us about mouse proofing your home and dealing with any damage they might have already caused…

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