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Looks pretty rough, doesn’t it… The landlord of this property wanted this sorted out before the new tenants moved in and we were more than happy to oblige.

Firstly we removed any loose splinters, plaster and paintwork and then we securely fixed the architraves back into position using building adhesive and headless nails. After that, we filled any holes in the woodwork with wood filler and ran a bead of caulk around the outside of each frame to take up any gaps between the architrave and the wall.

Upon returning the next day to check everything had dried nicely and no new cracks had developed, we gave both complete door frames a quick rub down all over and a nice fresh coat of satinwood gloss. We think the results look pretty good but more importantly our customer was very happy and that’s all that really matters to us…

Both Architraves Repaired
Both Architraves Repaired

Of course an alternative would have been to remove all the architrave on both doors and replace with new, our customer did consider this option but with it being such an old house he was worried about what else we might reveal! So he opted for a repair and tidy up, either way was fine with us plus the time and cost would have been similar assuming nothing else needed doing when we removed the old architrave.